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Note: All entries in this colour cover other areas as well as Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely and can be regarded as general historic information.





20 Mar 1413

Henry IV's reign of England ends.


21 Mar 1413

Henry V becomes King of England.



Cambridge corporation petitioned the king against the university alleging interference, injustice and oppression. The Chancellor John Rikinghale retaliated, demanding penance in the church of the Augustian Friars.


31 Aug 1422

Henry V's reign of England ends.


1 Sep 1422

Henry VI becomes King of England.



Philip Morgan made Bishop of Ely



Benedictines eastablish Buckingham College, Cambridge, at the bottom of Castle Hill. Many students were monks and the competition in monasteries to secure university places and promotion was intense. Abbots became concerned about the behaviour of monastic scholars because of the temptations while living in communal hostels from secular priests and townsmen and women which made it difficult to maintain their vows of poverty and chastity.



Lewis of Luxembourg made Bishop of Ely



Creation of the first Viscount (Viscount Beaumont).



Founding of King's College,Cambridge by King Henry VI.



Thomas Bourgchier made Bishop of Ely



Founding of the the College of St. Bernard but due to financial difficulties forced Andrew Docket, the President, to seek Margaret's, the Queen, royal patronage and so eventually became Queen's College,Cambridge.


circa 1450

Invention of moveable type press by J Gutenberg.


Aug 1453

Henry VI becomes mentally unstable.



William Grey made Bishop of Ely



Start of the Wars of the Roses.


27 Jun 1461

Henry VI's reign of England ends.


28 Jun 1461

Edward IV becomes King of England.


11 Oct 1470

Henry VI flees to The Hague.



St. Catharine's college Cambridge founded by Robert Wodelark of King's college.


circa 1475

Invention of the muzzle-loading musket.



John Morton made Bishop of Ely
The Black Death re-emerges.


9 Apr 1483

Edward IV's reign of England ends.


10 Apr 1483

Edward V becomes King of England.


26 Jun 1483

Edward V's reign of England ends.


27 Jun 1483

Richard III Crookback becomes King of England.


Oct 1483

Edward V and his brother are executed in the Tower of London.


2 Mar 1484

College of Heralds established by Richard III.



Queen's Bodyguard of the Yeomen of the Guard founded.


7 Aug 1485

Henry Tudor's landing at Milford Haven.


22 Aug 1485

Battle of Bosworth Field and the end of the Wars of the Roses.


23 Aug 1485

Henry VII Tudor becomes King of England.



John Alcock made Bishop of Ely



First pound coin minted.



Jesus College, Cambridge founded by Bishop Alcock of Ely by using the bankrupt nunnery of St. Ragegund. Completion was delayed by 16 years by the death of Alcock but finally finished in 1516.



John Fisher became Master of Michaelhouse college.


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