& the Isle of Ely

Middle Saxon 700-850

Note: All entries in this colour cover other areas as well as Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely and can be regarded as general historic information.




Middle Saxon


This era was mainly peaceful although in the early 9th century East Anglia freed itself from the controls of Mercia. Ornate glassware has been discovered from Dry Dryaton. Highly glazed pottery from Thetford has been found. This shows a gradual expansion and achivement which caused improvement in the housing from primitive Saxon houses to karge wooden buildings held up by posts with smaller thatched cottage of wattle and daub. An agricultural revolution took place and the area of settlement saw enormous growth. Villages expanded quite often by merging several hamlets into one settlement. The strip system of farming was adopted.



Egbert King of Wessex became King of All England



Egbert King of England died and Ethelwulf became King of England


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