Note: All entries in this colour cover other areas as well as Huntingdonshire and can be regarded as general historic information.







21 Apr 1509

Henry VII's reign of England ends.


22 Apr 1509

Henry VIII becomes King of England.



Establishment of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms by King Henry VIII.



Royal College of Physicians founded by Thomas Linacre with charter from King Henry VIII.



King Henry VIII becomes head of the church & establishes the Church of England.



Thomas Cromwell, Vice-Gerent, Henry II's closet advisor issued a mandate that ordered every parson, vicar or curate to enter in a book every wedding, christening and burial in his parish, with the names of the parties. The entries were to be made each Sunday after service, in the presence of one of the wardens. The mandate was enforced under a penalty of 3s. 4d. for the repair of the church. Thus started parish registers which were usually on scraps of paper.



First Criminal Court established at Old Bailey.
Office of Lord Lieutenant of the County instituted by King Henry VIII.



Office of Secretary of State instituted.



King Henry VIII of England declared King of Ireland.


28 Jan 1547

Henry VIII's reign of England ends.


29 Jan 1547

Edward VI becomes King of England.


6 Jul 1553

Edward VI's reign of England ends.


3 Aug 1553

Mary I (Queen of Scots) becomes Queen of England.



Thousands die in famine as crops fail for the third year.


7 Nov 1558

Mary I's reign of England ends.


15 Jan 1559

Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England.



Mary Queen of Scots returns to Scotland.


23 Apr 1564

William Shakespeare born.


Jul 1570

Elizabeth I excommunicated by Pope Pius V.



Sir Richard Grenville establishes first colony in Virginia.


8 Feb 1587

Mary Queen of Scots beheaded.


crica. 1598

Further edict issued that parish registers were to be copied onto parchment in books, this means that registers that survive dating back to 1538-9 rarely contain original entries of this date. Transcripts were then copied from these books and sent to the Bishop responsible for that parish and some of these documents survive today (Bishop's Transcripts).


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