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24 Mar 1603

Elizabeth I's reign of England ends.


25 Mar 1603

Union of Crowns.



Union Jack designed.


May 1603

James VI of Scotland crowned James I of England.


Dec 1603

Bubonic plague kills a quarter of London's population.


6 Nov 1605

Guy Fawkes discovered plotting to blow up Parliament.


23 Apr 1616

William Shakespeare died.



Founding of the Plymouth Colony at Cape Cod by emigrants on the Mayflower.



Bubonic plague decimates London's population.


27 Mar 1625

The reign of James VI of Scotland (& I of England) ends.


28 Mar 1625

Charles I becomes King of Great Britain.



Royal postal sevice first made available to the public by King Charles I.



Production of first commercial steam engine.



Impressing of crews for the Royal Navy made illegal.


30 Dec 1641

First clash between Roundheads and Cavaliers.


23 Oct 1642

Start of English Civil War.


Dec 1642

The Eastern Association formed by Oliver Cromwell, a military league established at Cambridge between East Anglia, Hertfordshire and Huntingdonshire. The Association created a large, well equipped army with high morale and religious zeal.



Excise Duty introduced by Parliament to finance the Cilvil War.


Sep 1647

Puritanism leads to 13 witch-burnings at Ely during the assize there.


30 Jan 1649

Charles I beheaded.


31 Jan 1649

Charles II becomes King of Great Britain.


3 Sep 1651

Charles II flees to France.


16 Dec 1653

Oliver Cromwell declared Lord Protector.



General Post Office (GPO) founded.


29 May 1660

Charles II restored to the throne.



The Corporation Act introduced (restricting offices of state to members of the Church of England).



The Act of Uniformity saw the re-establishment of episcopy under King Charles II.



The Conventicle Act outlawed Nonconformist worship in gatherings of more than 5 people.



The Five Mile Act barred Nonconformist ministers from major towns.


Dec 1665

Plague kills 20% of London's population.


2 Sep 1666

Great Fire of London.



First Test Act (requiring all holders of offices to repudiate Catholicism and Dissent).



Quaker Monthly Meeting for Sufferings established



Second Test Act (barring all Catholics from parliament).



Penny Post started in London.



William Penn left England and founded Pennsylvania.
Foundation of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea by King Charles II for veteran soldiers.


6 Feb 1685

Charles II's reign of Great Britain ends.


7 Feb 1685

James II (VII) becomes King of Great Britain.


9 Nov 1688

William of Orange invades England.


11 Dec 1688

James II (VII) flees the country.



Toleration Act re-introduced a level of toleration of Nonconformists(excl. Catholics & Unitarians).
Bill of Rights passed to protect Members of Parliament from court action.


28 Jan 1689

James II's reign ends.


14 Feb 1689

William III and Mary II King & Queen of Great Britain.



Introduction of Stamp Duty.



Foundation of Bank of England.


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