The Vikings 850-1066

Note: All entries in this colour cover other areas as well as Huntingdonshire and can be regarded as general historic information.




The Vikings




858 A.D.

Ethelwulf King of England died; Ethelbald & Ethelbert become joint Kings of England.


860 A.D.

Ethelbald King of England died and Ethelbert became the sole King of England.


865 A.D.

Norse invade East Anglia.


866 A.D.

Ethelbert King of England died and Ethelred I became King of England.


871 A.D.

Ethelred I died and Alfred became King of England.


901 A.D.

King Alfred the Great of England died and Edward the Elder became King of England


925 A.D.

King Edward the Elder of England died and Athelstan became King of England


940 A.D.

King Athelstan of England died and Edmund became King of England


946 A.D.

King Edmund of England died and Edred became King of England


955 A.D.

Edred King of England died and Edwy became King of England


958 A.D.

Edwy King of England died and Edgar became King of England


973 A.D.

Edgar orders striking of silver penny; Edgar crowned 'Emperor of Britain' at Bath


8 Jul 975 A.D.

Edgar's reign over England ends.


976 A.D.

Edward becomes King of England.


18 Mar 978 A.D.

Edward's reign over England ends.


14 Apr 978 A.D.

Athelred II becomes King of England.


13 Nov 1002 A.D.

Danes massacred in England.


Dec 1013 A.D.

London surrenders to Danes.


Apr 1016 A.D.

Athelred II's reign of England ends.


May 1016 A.D.

Edmund Ironside becomes King of England.


30 Nov 1016 A.D.

Edmund Ironside's reign of England ends.


1 Dec 1016 A.D.

Canute (Cnut) becomes King of England.


12 Nov 1035 A.D.

Canute's (Cnut) reign of England ends.


Dec 1037 A.D.

Harald 'Harefoot' becomes King of England.


17 Mar 1040 A.D.

Harald 'Harefoot' s reign of England ends.


18 Mar 1040 A.D.

Harthacnut becomes King of England.


8 Jun 1042 A.D.

Harthacnut' s reign of England ends.


2 Apr 1043 A.D.

Edward the Confessor becomes King of England.


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